Pickled Silly combines yummy veggies, savory brine, flavorful spices, and lots of silliness that just gets better with time.​

We ensure that each batch is made with the freshest ingredients and is free of preservatives

and artificial flavorings, found in most grocery store brands.

Meet us at the market or buy a jar online so you can nibble, crunch, and happily snack on a unique treat that's perfect for most any palate.


Pickled Silly processes all products in Richmond, Virginia and received its health certificate from the VA Dept. of Agriculture. All recipes have been tested and approved by the NC State University Food Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences.

"I received my jar of Pickled Spicy Okra today. I have literally ingested at least half of the jar. This stuff is the bomb!" - Karma Grundy-Camilo